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Introduction :-

The APJ Abdul Kalam Excellence Award recipient Dr Pramod Neema, the founder chairman of Unique Super speciality Hospital has been honoured by the World Book of Records, London for supporting 108 knee replacement surgery. (Total Free of Cost)

He is pioneer in the world to offer 108 free replacement surgery for the third consecutive year and committed to continue for the rest of his life. 

He is an ace orthopaedic surgeon of Central India. His contributions in the orthopaedic deformities corrective surgery have a great impact on the society.

Dr Neema’s ingenious ideas and innovative surgical techniques have brought revolution in the hip and knee replacement surgeries. He has developed and applied indigenous knees for the replacement surgeries reducing the cost of surgery and the post-operative care thereafter. This is considered as one of his significant contributions. Now the joint replacement surgeries have become a low-cost affair and available to the people who cannot afford it. These surgeries used to be extremely expensive and the specialist surgeons were not available easily. It is still a big challenge for the patients from small towns and rural areas due to lack of resources and money. He has developed and made a motivated his team of young surgeons to reach out to people. He has performed over 13000 joint replacement surgeries for very low socio economy society. This has brought hope to the people who cannot afford such expensive surgeries.

Another unique initiative of Dr Neema is considered as one of its kind in the world which is to perform 108 free of cost knee replacement surgery every year. This has created a big buzz in the international orthopaedic community and brought hope to patients.

He has significant contribution in the Polio eradication drive of India over 36 years back. He was a young surgeon then fully equipped with prestigious degrees and experience of working under the top surgeons of the country having an offer to go to the UK for a brighter career and money. However, he chose to render his services for the deformities corrective surgeries for the underprivileged patients including men, women and children. His relentless work in the tribal and rural areas made him extremely popular and won great respect and recognition on the national level. It was a great honour for central India as well.

He is the first DNB (Diplomate in National Board) scholar of the state. DNB is awarded by the National Board of Examinations comes under the Union Ministry of Health, India. He has been trained and mentored by the legendary orthopaedic surgeon of India Padma Vibhushan Dr K.H. Sancheti, founder of internationally acclaimed Sancheti Institute of Orthopedic and Rehabilitation, Pune.

He performed over 27500 successful surgeries free of cost (charitable basis) and treated over 1 lakh orthopedically handicap children suffering from orthopaedic deformities. This gave him a great sense of accomplishment as a doctor. Serving people with his fine art of surgery has become his passion and drive. He has distributed more than 19000 calipers to the patients. 

He belongs to a middle-class cloth merchant’s family of Indore. He has seen the poor; underprivileged and deprived people suffer and struggle for getting health care services due to lack of good quality hospitals and doctors. While serving his ailing grandfather he realized the need to become a doctor more strongly. He was determined to choose a profession to help people and make a big difference in the society. He pledged to become a surgeon with the noble intent of offering ‘seva’. What seems to be a fictional quality was a real inner call for him. He was an average student so selecting for a medical college was a big challenge. However, his strong determination and noble objective made him successful and he pursued to study medicine.  

After completion of MBBS from Indore, he earned Fellowship from the Royal College of England and the European Surgical Institute Hamburg, Germany.  He realized his dream of building the first state-of-the-art Multispecialty hospital in his hometown Indore with an objective of delivering quality health care services at a low cost. His hospital is the first Super Specialty orthopaedic hospital in central India.

He has also pioneered the use of modern Navigation Technology for the orthopaedic surgeries and made it popular in the state. He has performed over 12000 successful Total Knee Replacement surgeries. Patients from all over India come for the surgery.

He has applied technological capabilities in surgery to make it safer and less invasive. For the first time in Central India, he incorporated the Modular Laminar Flow in the operation theatre.

His hospital is accredited by National Board of Examination, Ministry of Health where a large number of medical students are trained and mentored by him and his team of surgeons. He is professor of Orthopedics recognized by National Board of Examination 

The orthopaedic community in India has many challenges like clinical problems, lack of intellectual capacity, the technical know-how and infrastructure to do research. Keeping this in view, Dr Neema has established Neema Institute for Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation. There is a robust research agenda in his hospital propelling low-cost quality health care services. His research papers are published in the well-known national and international journals. He is been invited by prestigious medical conferences in India and abroad.

Dr Neema’s contributions have made a great impact on the society.

Missions and Achievements :-


Dr. Neema's mission is to develop a super speciality Institute for orthopedically handicapped children where treatment is given free of cost to the children belonging to low socio economic class and their complete rehabilitation so that an independent society can be formed which is free from orthopedic deformities. 

Dr Neema’s mission is to make the society free from orthopaedic deformities and lead a healthy and independent life. His resolution is to make the sophisticated surgeries and ortho treatment affordable to every patient. He is pledged to reach out to the rural and tribal areas and provide quality health services and perform corrective surgeries for the patients who are orthopedically deformed. His dream is to establish a world-calls ortho research institute in Indore. He aspires to the continue inspiring the young orthopaedic surgeons to carry forward his legacy of service to mankind.

Apart from his affection to children he is now focused to geriatric group of society having severe arthritis. He is doing 1000 Knee Replacement Free of Cost every year so as to help this section of society who are from low socio economic class to build a nation of independent children and old age people free from any deformities.  

 Achievements :-

Dr Neema is believed to be the first surgeon in the world who is offering 108 joint replacement surgeries in a year absolutely free. He has incorporated materials and method which has made the expensive surgeries cost effective.

He has been awarded the World Book of Records from London UK for this. 

He has transformed the lives of over 1 lakh people by providing his services to them. He has performed over 28000 free of cost deformity corrective surgeries successfully and made them free from orthopaedic deformities.

He has established the first orthopaedic Super Speciality Hospital of Central India.

His contribution during Polio Eradication drive for polio deformation corrective surgeries has won a great recognition for central India since last 36 years. 

Bringing a difference to the life of people it has become a way of his life. In the world where even, the medical profession has become commercially oriented, Dr Neema has reinstated the nobility of this profession by setting examples. He has rebuilt the faith of people towards the medical services. The gratitude and love of his patients are what he considers his achievement.

Contribution to the Field :-

Dr Neema’s greatest contribution is to develop and incorporate techniques and tools to make the joint replacement surgery a low-cost affair. He is one of the pioneer orthopaedic surgeons who has introduced the most advanced navigation technology for ortho surgeries in Central India. He has also contributed immensely to make the ortho surgery hassle-free and minimally invasive.

He has established the first Super Specialty hospital in Central India which has become a centre for learning and research for the medical students who come from small towns and nearby villages who cannot afford to go for metro cities.

He has a remarkable contribution as the president of Indore Orthopedic Association and Vice President of M.P. Orthopedic Association in promoting natural and low-cost ortho-care and treatment solutions. Over 25 orthopaedic hospitals have been established under his guidance and supervision aiming to provide natural ventilation and natural light to save energy.

He has been personally mentoring junior surgeons and students so that they continue low-cost surgery in the future. More than 50 orthopaedic surgeons have completed DNB thesis under his able guidance from his institute which is accredited by National Board of Examination.

His research papers for national and international journals are considered as benchmark scholarly research work and being referred by orthopaedic surgeons and students.

He has co-authored a book on Infection in ‘Orthopedic Surgeries’ which is recommended for the medical students in the country.

The Neema Institute for Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Indore is gaining popularity in the country for its aggressive research on low-cost replacement surgery. The institute has the potential to bring in socio-economic transformation in the field of orthopaedic surgery.   

Contribution to the Society :-

Dr Neema is regarded as a surgeon par excellence and an outstanding human being. His humble approach and humanitarian values make him a class apart. He has been engaged in philanthropical contributions by offering free medical services and surgical correction of orthopaedic deformities for the needy and underprivileged sections of the society. He began his career with the polio eradication and rehabilitation drive of the country.

He organizes ‘Diagnostic-Operative and Rehabilitation camps in the rural, sub-rural and tribal areas to reach out to the patients who cannot reach to him. He Has organized over 500 such camps so far where about one lakh patients have been treated by him.  He has performed 27500 surgeries free of cost. 

Not only that, he takes care of the patients after their surgery which his equally critical. He has distributed over 19000 callipers to the underprivileged patients especially children. He has operated leprosy patients and makes worked for their rehabilitation. In his hospital 30 beds are reserved for these unprivileged patient where total free of cost surguries are done. 

He has performed over 50000 orthopaedic surgeries which is a record by itself. After the surgery, he ensures that his patients lead life of dignity, self-esteem and confidence. 

Dr Neema is trained in classical music and engaged in research ‘to reduce pain through music’ under the able guidance of Padma Vibhushan Pt Gokulotsav Maharaj, world-renowned Haveli Sangeet Maestro and a spiritual master. He is the direct descendant of Acharya Vallabhacharya.

Dr Neema’s patients and students have innumerable anecdotal testimonials to express gratitude for him as a doctor and human being.  

Awards :-

Despite receiving a number of awards and accolades he feels his patients’ gratitude towards him is the true rewards for him.    

‘Captain of Industry Award’ a state award by the Honorable Chief Minister of M.P. Shree Shivraj Singh Chouhan 

He has been awarded with a token of appreciation by the highest authorities of the country, state and city which includes National Polio Surveillance Project, Government of India, World Health Organization, Collectors and commissioners. 

Vishishtha Seva Award by Govt. of M.P. on 15th Aug 2017. 

Vishishtha Seva Award by Chief Minister of C.G. Mr. Raman Singh.

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Excellence Award by Hon'ble Lok Sabha Speaker Shree Shivraj Patil.